The Tree Service Contractor for Your Landscaping

Your landscaping looks great when you have trees as part of your landscape design. To know what trees are suitable for your space, get the professional service of a landscaping designer. And in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the one you should trust is Discount Stump Grinding. We can help you get a beautiful landscape design.

Discount Stump Grinding is the leading landscape and tree contractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in designing and maintaining the landscape of the residences and commercial buildings in the area. And we include tree care tasks as part of our landscape services.

As Your Tree Service Contractor

Do you want fully grown trees in your garden? You do not have to plant a seedling now and wait for years for it to grow. We can transplant a grown tree in your space. We have professional arborists who can make sure that your tree is properly installed into place. We will also do some routine services to ensure that your new tree will adapt to your soil.

Meanwhile, when you are not sure what tree looks better for your landscape, we can also give you some advice. Our designer is skilled in choosing the right tree for you. We take into consideration your landscape and hardscape designs, the space of your property, as well as the style of your building or house.

And if you opt for small trees and plants, we can help you maintain them with our tree cutting service. Our workers are experts in this task. They can cut your leaves and branches in the proper manner. This will promote the healthy growth of your trees and plants.

As Your Landscaping Maintenance Contractor

And since we understand the importance of your landscape, we also offer maintenance services. When you have a grass turf, a lawn mowing is a necessity. You can get this service from us. We can also fertilize, aerate, and do some weed control treatments on your lawn.

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